Starfighter Decals 350-100S: VF-84 Jolly Rogers, 1980


FCM 144-032: F-14A Sundowners

FCM 144-033: VF-114 Aardvarks

Starfighter Decals 144-102 VF-111 F-14A Tomcat

Starfighter Decals 144-106: VF-31 Tomcatters

Starfighter Decals 144-108: VF-32 Swordsmen

Starfighter Decals 144-137: Tomcat's first cruise 1974

Starfighter Decals 144-202: Tomcats in Color Part 1


CAM 72-046 for the F-14B Tomcat

Caracal Models CD 72106: F-14 'The Early Years'

FCM 72-040: Sundowners part 1

FCM 72-041: Aardvarks part 1

FCM 72-042: Sundowners part 2

Furball Decals FDS 7201: Colors & Markings of US Navy Tomcat Part 1

Furball Decals FD72-004: Air Wing All Stars - Tomcats Pt.1

Furball Decals FD72-006: Bombcat Weapons Set

Furball Decals FD72-009: Sundowner Anthology

Furball Decals FD72-010: F-14 Stencils & Data

Hi-Decal 72-051; Iranian F-14A Tomcat

Jasmine Model 72001: VF-31 F-14D Tomcat

Jasmine Model 72-002: VF-31 F-14D Tomcat

Repliscale 1011: F-14A Tomcat

Repliscale 1025 for the 1/72 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 72-171: F-14 Tomcats

Superscale 72-192: F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 72-350 for the F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 72-438 for F-14 Tomcats

Superscale 72-489 for the F-14 Tomcat

Superscale 72-707 for F-14A/B Tomcats

Superscale 72-814 for the F-14A/D Tomcat

Superscale 72-815 for the F-14D Tomcat

Superscale 72-847: F-14A/D Tomcats

Superscale 72-864: F-14A/B Tomcats

Superscale 72-868: F-14A/D Tomcat

Superscale 72-872: F-14B/D Tomcats

Superscale 72-885: F-14A/D Tomcat

 Two Bobs 72-011 for VF-213 F-14D Tomcats


Aeromaster 48-434 for the F-14 Tomcat

Aeromaster 48-522 for F-14 Tomcats.

Aeromaster 48-526 for the F-14 Tomcat.

Aeromaster 48-531 for the F-14A Tomcat

Aeromaster 48-560 for the F-14A/D Tomcat

Aeromaster 48-562: USS Constellation pt II

Aeromaster 48-588 for the F-14A Tomcat.

Aeromaster 48-606 for the F-14B Tomcat

Aeromaster 48-618 for F-14D/F-18E

Aeromaster 48-792: Tomcats Supreme pt 1

Aeromaster 48-793: Tomcats Supreme Part 2

Albatros SP48001; VF-111 F-14A Tomcat 'Miss Molly'

CAM 48-058 for the F-14 Tomcat

Caracal Models CD 48168: F-14 'The Early Years'

Detail & Scale 0348: F-14 Tomcat - Su-22 Killers

DXM Decals DXM41-4125: 1/48 VF-103 F-14B Tomcat

DXM Decals 81-4230: F14A Tomcat - VF-1 Wolfpack

DXM Decals 91-4235: F14D Tomcat - VF-31 Tomcatters

Eagle Strike 48-025 for F-14A Tomcats.

Eagle Strike 48-037 for the F-14A Tomcat.

Eagle Strike 48-052 for the F-14 Tomcat

Eagle Strike 48-141 for the F-14 Tomcat

Eagle Strike 48-142 for VF-1 and VF-213 F-14 Tomcats

Eagle Strike 48-165 for some nice early VF-32/143 F-14A Tomcats

 Eagle Strike 48-207: low viz F-14 Data

FCM 48032: F-14A Tomcat

FCM 48-035 Sundowners part 1

FCM 48-036: F-14A Sundowners Part 2

FCM 48-038: VF-301 Devil's Desciples

FCM 48-039: VF-114 Aardvarks Part 1

FCM 48-043: VF-211 Checkmates Part 1

Fightertown Decals 48-001: VF-24 Last Rage part 1

FighterTown Decals 48-002: VF-24 Renegades last rage part 2

Fightertown Decals 48-082 F-14 Tomcat Data

Furball Decals FDS 4808: Colors & Markings of US Navy Tomcat Part 1

Furball Decals FDS 4808: Colors & Markings of US Navy Tomcat Part 1(updated)

Furball Decals FDS 4809: Colors & Markings of USN Tomcats Pt.2

Furball Decals FDS 4810: Colors & Markings of US Navy Tomcat Part 3

Furball Decals FDS 4812: F-14 Tomcat Part IV

Furball Decals FDS 4813: F-14 Tomcat Part V

Furball Decals FDS 4814: F-14 Tomcat Part VI: VF-154

Furball Decals FDS 4815: F-14 Tomcat Part VII: Heater-Ferris Camouflage

Furball Decals FDS 4816: Colors & Markings of US Navy Tomcats

Furball Decals FDS 4818: Colors & Markings of the F-14 Tomcat Part IX

Furball Decals FDS 4819: Colors and Markings of the F-14 Tomcat part X

Furball Decals FDS 4820: Colors and Markings of the F-14 Tomcat part XI

Furball Decals FD48-021: Air Wing All Stars - Tomcats Pt.1

Furball Aero-Design 48-036: Air Wing All-Stars(F-14 pt 2)

 Furball Decals FD 48050: F-14 Walkway Decals

Furball Decals FD48-053: Bombcat Weapons Set

Furball Decals FD48-059: F-14 Tomcat Stencils

Furball Decals FD48-060: Sundowner Anthology

Jasmine Decal 148001: VF-31 F-14D Tomcat, Last CAG

Repliscale sheet 5011 for 1/48 F-14 Tomcats.

Repliscacle 5012 (or is it 13): VF-194 F-14A Tomcats

Repliscale has a 1/48 sheet, # 5025, for the F-14A Tomcat

SB Decals SB48003 Feisty Felines part 1

Superscale 48-056: F-14A Tomcats

Superscale 48-118 for a  VF-41 F-14

Superscale 1/48 Sheet 48-186 for CAG 6 F-14A

Superscale 48-221 for F-14A Tomcats.

Superscale 48-268 for F-14A Tomcat.

Superscale 48-327 for the F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 48-413 Desert Storm F-14 Tomcats.

Superscale 48-438 for F-14 Tomcats

Superscale 48-655 for the 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 48-704 for F-14 Tomcats

Superscale  48-822 for a VF-31 F-14D Tomcat

Superscale 48-850 for a VF-84 F-14A Tomcat.

Superscale 48-851 for a VF-31 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 48-856: F-14A/D Tomcat

Superscale 48-896 on the F-14D Tomcat

Superscale 48-897: F-14A Tomcats

Superscale 48-975 for the F-14 Tomcat

Superscale 48-1009: VF-103 F-14B Tomcat

Superscale 48-1010: VF-211 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 48-1022: VF-103 F-14B Tomcat

Superscale 48-1023: VF-32 F-14B Tomcat

Superscale 48-1039: F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 48-1044: F-14A/D Tomcats

Superscale 48-1071: VF-31 F-14D Tomcat

Superscale 48-1078: VF-143 F-14B Tomcat

Superscale 48-1079: VF-102 F-14B Tomcat

Superscale 48-1103: F-14B Update Tomcat

Superscale 48-1118: VF-213 F-14D Tomcat

Superscale 48-1136: VF-32 F-14A Tomcat.

Superscale 48-1151: VF-31 F-14D Tomcats

Superscale 48-1175: NWTS & VF-201 F-14 Tomcat

Superscale 48-1191: VF-33 F-14A Tomcat

TwoBobs 48-007: NSAWC F-14 Tomcats

Twobobs 48-025 for the F-14 Tomcat

TwoBobs 48031 for VF-213 F-14D Tomcats

Two Bobs 48-039, VF-11 F-14B Tomcat

TwoBobs 48-045 for VF-74 F-14 Tomcats

Two Bobs 48-055 for VF-31 F-14D Tomcats

Two Bobs 48-097: VF-11 F-14B Tomcat

VF Decals 48/71 84-103: F-14 Tomcat

VF Decals 48-101; F-14D Tomcat

VF Decals 48-211 for VF-211's last cruise

Yellow Hammer #27 48002 for F-14D Tomcats.

Yellowhammer 48023 for the F-14A/B Tomcat

YellowHammer 48024 for VF-41 F-14 Tomcats

Yellowhammer 48026 for VF-31 F-14D Tomcats

Yellowhammer 48027 for VF-31 F-14D Tomcats

Yellowhammer 48031: Farewell Tomcats #1

Yellow Hammer 48032: Farewell Tomcats pt 2

Yellowhammer 48035: VF-31 F-14D Tomcat

Yellowhammer 48036; Tomcat Sunset #2

Yellowhammer 48037: Tomcat Sunset part 3


CAM 32-095 for a VF-154 F-14A Tomcat

CAM 32-097 VF-154 F-14A Tomcat

CAM 32-109: VF-84 F-14A.

CAM 32-124: VF-41 F-14A Tomcat

Detail & Scale 0132: VF-41 F-14A Tomcat

FCM 32020: F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 32-110 for a VF-32 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 32-111 for a VF-154 F-14A

Superscale 32-218: VF-211 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 32-220: VX-4 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 32-236: VF-84 F-14A Tomcat

Superscale 32-240: VF-41 F-14A 'Strikecat'.

Twobobs 32-005 for 'splinter camo' F-14s

Yellowhammer 32010 for the F-14B Tomcat

Yellowhammer 32-012: VF-213 F-14D Tomcat


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