FCM 48-036: F-14A Sundowners Part 2

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the Sundowner Tomcats, this next sheet is in 1/48 scale as was the previous one and also covers two aircraft. This time they are both painted in the Tactical Paint Scheme of three greys.  For kits, FCM recommends the Hasegawa or Italeri kit, though it should also fit the Monogram or Fujimi version. Due to the larger nose on the Academy kit that one is not recommended as the shark mouth will not fit properly.

First up is from 1991 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. It is about as low viz as you can get and on some planes I have seen, the markings are so close to the paint as to be nearly invisible.

The second is from 1994, also on the USS Kitty Hawk. This set of markings is a bit better as they are the CAG bird and so are black vice a shade of grey.

The decals themselves are very nicely  printed by Microscale. Instructions are in full color (such as it is) and include color information and a full stencil placement guide. There are enough common markings to do both of the schemes on the sheet, which is quite nice.

Overall, an excellent sheet for Tomcat and Sundowner fans.

June 2010

Thanks to FCM for providing the review sheet.

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