Superscale 48-186
A-7E & F-14A

Two very popular Navy Jets of the 70's-90's are the A-7E Corsair and the F-14A Tomcat.  The Corsair is now gone, their last cruise taking place during Desert Storm in the early '90's while wearing the drab colors of the Tactical Paint Scheme. Long gone were the glory days of gull grey and white with highly colorful tail markings of the 70's and early 80's.

With this Superscale sheet, you can relive those days with this CAG scheme from VA-87 'Golden Warriors'. A full set of stencils and other markings are provided along with a placement sheet.  I think the placement of the CAG's name should be under the canopy instead of just above the intake (see below), but a good reference will point out what is correct.

The other aircraft is the F-14A Tomcat.  Now probably in it's last decade of service before the Air Groups are full of Hornets, this one harkens back to the more colorful eras.  In overall 16440 gull grey, this Tomcat of VF-32 has the standard markings of the time.

Both schemes are colorful and will make a nice addition to your collection of Navy aircraft.

Scott Van Aken