Superscale 48-1136: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-32




Scott Van Aken

This sheet for the Tomcat contains the markings for an aircraft from VF-32, 'Swordsmen' when on the USS Enterprise in 1997. The aircraft is in the standard tactical paint scheme of FS 36237 on the top  with the sides in FS 36320 and the underside in FS 36375. Over time it all fades until it is basically overall FS 36320 so your choice. The sheet includes the inner tail stripes on one carrier to ensure precise matching with the outer tail markings. A nice sheet for the Tomcat and one that isn't a CAG bird!

The decals are scaled for the Hasegawa kit but will probably fit the Academy or the Monogram kit as well.

October 2006

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