Aeromaster 48-562: USS Constellation pt II

Units: VF-2 and VMFA-323




Scott Van Aken

This 2003 sheet includes markings for two of the aircraft that were then flying from the USS Constellation. Both are in the tactical paint scheme and would have be rather weathered by the sea air. The recommended kits are by Hasegawa for these, but the Revell/Monogram kits would work as well though you may well have to trim the decals for a precise fit.

I should also mention that I scanned the sheet in greyscales as there is no color in it at all.

First up is an F-18C Hornet from VMFA-323. It is the CAG bird, but no CAG colors. It is not unusual for the USMC to have units aboard carriers, especially since the major drawdown in squadrons after Desert Storm.

The other is an F-14D from VF-2. This squadron has since transitioned to the F-18F Super Hornet so at least its lineage remains intact, unlike several other Tomcat units.

Insignia for both are provided on the sheet.

Review sheet courtesy of your editor's wallet.

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