Superscale 32-236: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-84




Scott Van Aken

With the Tomcat pretty much history, it isn't such a bad idea to look back at some of the schemes carried by the F-14. This one is a CAG bird from VF-84 back in the mid 1980s. During that time, there were two changes in the camo and markings of naval aircraft. One was the change to overall gloss gull grey. This made for much easier maintenance as only one set of touch-up colors had to be kept. The other was to reduced visibility markings. In this case, the markings are mostly in black and in some instances of a reduced size. Hence a CAG bird with no gaudy colors. Though the sheet says the buno is 168419, it is shown on the sheet as 160382, and this latter buno is accurate. The instructions also show the upper surface flaps as in white and this would not be the case with this scheme.

For kits you have a choice of Revell or Tamiya, depending on your wallet!

March 2006

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