Eagle Strike  48-141: Tomcats pt VI

Units VF-31 and VF-51




Scott Van Aken


Here are a nice pair of F-14A Tomcats. Both of them are in the Tactical Paint Scheme of FS 35237, 36320 and 36375. Leading edges of the flying surfaces are shown as bare metal. I always thought the tail planes were some sort of composite which would make bare metal a bit odd.  Suggested kit is the Hasegawa version, but both Monogram/Revell and Academy make 1/48 Tomcats, both of which are quite a bit easier to build (though actually, no 1/48 Tomcat is an easy kit to assemble!).

First up is a VF-31 Tomcat from the early 1990s. You'll note that his one is from the now decommissioned USS Forrestal before it briefly replaced the USS Lexington. The nose and anti-glare panel on this one are both black.

Next is a VF-51 bird from 2002/2003 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. I had thought that VF-51 had been disestablished, so it is nice to know that it is still around. Now if only these markings were available in 1/72.....

There are enough common markings for both planes, the black ones for the VF-31 bird.

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