Superscale 48-851: VF-31 F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-31




Scott Van Aken

Here is a super sheet for a VF-31 F-14A Tomcat. Like the previous sheet, this one has all you need for a single aircraft without having to buy a separate insignia or data sheet as is often the case with some other sheets. This one is in an easy-to-paint scheme of light gull grey FS 16440 overall with a black nose and anti-glare panel. Though it is marked as a double-nuts, it is not in CAG colors nor does it have any names on the canopy rails. I can only assume that the plane was photographed before any names were applied. It has a relatively low serial number so one can suppose that it was a repaint. A nice touch is that there is a separate decal for the ventral fin in case you'd rather paint that area.

No preferred kit is mentioned. Frankly, there is no easy-to-build 1/48 F-14. You have a choice between the kits from Fujimi, Monogram, Academy and Hasegawa. Most will go for the Academy or Hasegawa kits, though the other two are viable options for an F-14A.

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