Albatros 32-01: MiG-21 MF

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Scott Van Aken


Every once in a while there is an aircraft that deserves a special decal sheet and the VF-111 CAG bird 'Miss Molly' is one of them. This sheet includes all you need to do an accurate representation of this aircraft and best of all, it is painted in overall Gloss Light Gull Grey so no sweat on masking or blend lines!

To my eyes, the reds look a tad orange, but when the decals are placed against the appropriate background they should darken up. One question has always been whether these markings were on both sides of the aircraft and the photos that accompany the sheet verify that they were. The Hasegawa kit is recommended for this 2000 sheet, though I'm sure that it will work on the other 1/48 Tomcats, though there may be a bit of fudging needed!

Review sheet courtesy of ME!

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