FCM 48-039: VF-114 Aardvarks Part 1

Units: VF-114




Scott Van Aken

Love a Tomcat decal sheet, and so do the folks at FCM. They continue their series with the first VF-114 offering. In this case, it is two of the low viz TPS (Tactical Paint Scheme) aircraft.

Both of these have the forward fuselage stripe that is part of the standard 114 markings that the unit always applied. They are also from different times. The first scheme s NH/102 from the 1984 time frame when on the USS Enteprise. This one has the basic under-nose seeker

The second option on the sheet is from 1990 aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln for her shakedown around the Horn from Norfolk to Alameda. VF-114 made one cruise post Desert Storm on this ship before being disestablished in 1993, along with about half the active F-14 squadrons at the time.  This aircraft carries the TV camera mod atop the seeker under the nose.

January 2011

Thanks to FCM for providing the review sheet. No thanks to the postal system for having this take 35 days to get here from Brazil!

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