Yellowhammer 48037: Tomcat sunset #3






Scott Van Aken

Adding to their other sheet on VF-31 Tomcats, Cutting Edge provides two more retirement schemes. In this case both planes are painted in the Tactical Paint Scheme of FS 35237 upper and 36375 lower. The recommended kits are by Hasegawa and Revell for the F-14D.

The first aircraft is from Sept 20, 2006 and is a standard low-viz aircraft with special Grumman and 36 year tail logos.

The other option is the CAG bird with black tail, ventral fin and canopy surround. The sheet provides the yellow fin tips, but you could also paint that if you wished.

Several different 'felix' markings are given for the drop tanks, including a set of felix flames provided by Pyn-Up. There are enough data and insignia to do both schemes. A very fitting sheet for the last operational Tomcat squadron.

June 2007

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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