Superscale 72-438: F-14 Tomcat

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers the F-14A Tomcat from the period of time when the Navy was switching from full color schemes into the low visibility ones. All of the aircraft on this sheet are in the very easy to paint overall FS x6440 Light Gull Grey. Though no kit is specified, many will go for the Hasegawa or Italeri versions.

First up is from VF-102 though it has the tail codes and modex of an aircraft that would normally be assigned to VF-101, the east coast training squadron.

From the west coast training unit is NJ/675 from VF-124 with full color insignia and low-viz codings.

Finally, VF-14 is represented by this third example in full low viz markings, data, and insignia.

Common markings and insignia are provided for all three aircraft. Though out of print for decades, this sheet can be found at swap meets.

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