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Superscale 48-704 for F-14A/D Tomcats


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VF-2 & 201

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Scott Van Aken


CAG Birds

Though operating on probably the last of its nine lives, the F-14 Tomcat is still an impressive and potent weapon. Though the F-14B and F-14D finally got the engines that the Tomcat deserved, the program was never carried through to its ultimate completion. Only a few dozen new build and rebuild F-14Ds were produced before the program was terminated due to high cost. From this writer's point of view, it only shows the shortsightedness of politicians as today's replacement F-18E/F is not only MANY times more expensive, but it also does not have the capability of the later versions of the Tomcat. 

What Superscale has provided us are two very colorful CAG birds. These planes go to prove that the color of the 60's hasn't totally disappeared from Naval aircraft of today.

The first plane on the sheet is an F-14D from VF-2. This particular plane was one of the first new build F-14Ds if not the first one. The colors are supposed to be FS36237 upper and 36375 lower, but the researcher states that the colors had faded to an overall 36320 when the photos were taken of the plane. This is a situation that often occurs with these tactical greys as they fade rapidly in the strong sun and when exposed to an ocean environment.

The other Tomcat is an F-14A from VF-201, a reserve squadron out of JRB Fort Worth. This is also in a tactical scheme of FS 36118 uppers with 36375 lower surfaces. The tail is black as is the fuselage strake. Unlike the VF-2 bird, it has low visibility insignia. Unusual for a reserve squadron, there is a ship name on the wing strake. I'm not sure if VF-201 is still flying the Tomcat or not. Perhaps a reader can enlighten me.

Both aircraft have natural metal wing and stabilizer leading edges. To help you with building this kit, the researcher, Norris Graser has provided a couple of images of the planes in question. Thanks, Norris!


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