Yellowhammer 32010; F-14B Tomcat


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Scott Van Aken



I can imagine that Tomcat models will continue to be built by jet modelers for decades after the last one flies in early 2006. This particular sheet is for a VF-103 'Jolly Rogers' F-14B, one of the more popular units to fly the Tomcat. Actually, I think it has more to do with the skull and crossbones than anything else, with this marking being flown earlier on the aircraft of VF-84, before it was disestablished. Prior to this, VF-103 was called 'The Sluggers' and it was something else again before that. They are now flying the F-18F Hornet.

This sheet carries markings for the CAG bird from VF-103 as seen in early 2001. At the time, these aircraft were used for precision bombing and is carrying a pair of mission markings forom the Bosnia operations. in the standard tactical paint scheme for the F-14B, it is far from bursting with color as was the norm of CAG birds in the past. In fact, there is none other than the white of the fin marking. (I have since learned that VF-102/103 used aircraft with the modex that matches the squadron number as their CAG birds).

There are only two 1/32 F-14 kits on the market. Those by Revell and Tamiya. The Tamiya will undoubtedly be the choice of most modelers and while there is no dedicated F-14B kit, there are conversion sets available to do the upgrade. There is also an addendum sheet included for what I have to assume is a later application as the CAG name is different and the aircraft had acquired a name.

September 2005

Review sheet courtesy of me.

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