Furball Decals FD48-021: Air Wing All Stars - Tomcats Pt.1




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Scott Van Aken


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This is Furrball Aero-Design's first All Stars sheet for the F-14 Tomcat. These are all F-14As and are from the time before the Tactical Paint Scheme (TPS). There are seven options on this sheet with a mixture of early and mid schemes. In fact, one of these has the first inkling of low viz with black insignia. The early planes are in light gull grey over white with white control surfaces, requiring the modeler to do a bit of additional masking, especially on the upper wings. The other scheme is in overall light gull grey, a scheme many of us like as it is easy to paint! There is an addendum slip in the set that tells us that the radome on the VF-84 option is not buff at the tip.

So let's take a look at what is offered. First is a VF-24 plane from the USS Constellation in 1976. This cag bird is in the initial scheme and has the small IR sensor under the nose.

From VF-84 in 1978 aboard the USS Nimitz is the next option. Note that this does not have a buff tip to the radome. It along with most of the other planes on this sheet, has the small nose sensor.

The first overall light gull grey option is this plane from VF-101. It is a TARPS equipped plane from the 1982 time period.

One of my favorite schemes is this one from VF-111 in 1983 when aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. This one is also in the overall light gull grey scheme.

From 1984, we have a VF-114 plane from aboard the USS Enterprise. Note that this one has a false canopy on the underside and the low viz insignia.

One of the first Tomcats in service is this version from VF-124 in 1974. When originally equipped, it had a larger IR seeker under the nose. This plane also has the red stripes on the wing and tailplane tips.

Finally, a quite colorful white tailed plane from VF-142 in next. This initial scheme plane was aboard the USS America in 1977. The canopy surround is painted black.

The set includes full data markings, wing walk areas, and insignia for two planes. As is the norm with Furball Aero-Design sets, you get a complete data placement guide as well as upper/lower markings placements. The set is designed for the Hasegawa kit, but unless there are major shape differences in other kits, you may well find these useful on the Monogram or Hobby Boss versions. Printed by Cartograf, it is a set no Tomcat fan should be without. Also available in 1/72 scale.

June 2016

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