Aeromaster 48-793: Tomcat Supreme pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

The second Tomcat sheet is for three more aircraft. Again the Hasegawa kits are recommended but the Monogram and Academy ones are acceptable substitutes, though the decals may not fit those precisely.

First up is a VF-111 F-14A CAG bird. One of the most popular units to fly the Tomcat, this is the 1982 overall gloss gull grey scheme.

Next is the squadron CO's plane from VF-84, another very popular scheme. The tail and ventral fin will need painted black. This is the 1989 scheme  and also in gloss gull grey.

Finally, in the tactical paint scheme is the CAG bird from VF-154 (though the instruction sheet says VF-103). Black ventral fin and tail on this one as well. There are decals for the black over the canopy on this or the previous option. Templates are given if you wish to use those.

There are enough insignia and basic data markings for two of these options. This is sure to be popular.

July 2006

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