FCM 48032: VF-33 Starfighters F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-33




Scott Van Aken

FCM has always liked Tomcats and now we have another nice one. This particular sheet provides markings for two VF-33 'Starfighters' aircraft in 1/48 scale. VF-33 is one of those units that did not survive the transition to the Super Hornet and after a continuous run from a start in 1948 with F4U-4 Corsairs, it was disestablished in 1993, mainly because it was not TARPS capable. Its sister squadron, VF-102 is currently active with the Super Hornet. As an interesting note, VF-33 was the first East Coast squadron to down a MiG during the Vietnam war. At the time they were flying F-4 Phantoms.

Two options are provided on this sheet. The first is the CAG bird from 1992. It has black fin, and canopy surround, and ventral strakes. The other is a standard line bird from 1986. Both planes are in overall gloss light gull grey, making painting hassle-free. VF-33 flew from the USS America during all its Tomcat deployments.

Instructions are quite well done and provide stencil detailing. The decals themselves are printed by Microscale. Though no kit is specified, these markings are such that they will work on any 1/48 F-14A kit. I'm sure many will want to tack these on the recent Tamiya kit.

November 201

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