VF Decals 48/71-84_103

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Harald Verweij

 As DaBoss noted a few months ago, there is a new decal company (well not so new now, as they have been in business for some time now).

 VF Decals specializes in Tomcat and Hornet decals, in 48th scale. With one exception!

 Their recently released a VF 84/VF 103 sheet in both 48th scale and 72nd scale. And, me being a PhantomPhanatic, I had to have it…….I’ve yet to figure out why…

 Anyways, back to the review.

 The sheet depicts an F 14B from both VF 84 and VF 103 Jolly Rogers. The VF 84 bird has the VF 84 “old school” flag on the tail, as it appeared on the F 4B’s when they first went into service for this unit, somewhere in the early 60’s.

 The sheet itself is crisp and clear (the crease in mine is due to the mailman stuffing the envelope through the mail slot in the door), with very minimal carrier film. As far as I can see, everything is in register.

 The instructions are on a sheet of sturdy paper, about the size of an A4 sheet and color printed on both sides, with enough info on the what, who and where of the units. The colors that need to be used (to finish the outside of the plane) have been printed on the bottom of the sheet, in Fs numbers.


 This is a welcome sheet. Why?? Because many Tomcat freaks have been looking for the ever elusive Santa Cat (which is fetching top dollar on Ebay) so with the Hasegawa’s re-issue of the F 14B, your Santa Cat will be cheaper than the Ebay version.

October 2005

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