Yellowhammer 48-027: F-14D Tomcat






Scott Van Aken




This is the second sheet of VF-31 Tomcats from their 'Iraqi Freedom' cruise aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2002/2003.

First plane is the CAG bird from VF-31. Strangely, it is not as colorful as the squadron commander's plane, though it does have the seemingly requisite black tail. There are several mission markings on the nose and the plane is in the standard TPS for Tomcats.

The other subject is another VF-31 Tomcat, this one not having partaken in any of the missions as it is devoid of markings on the nose. This is one of the reworked F-14As that were modified as part of the F-14D program and has pretty well standard markings.

Sheet includes full markings for both aircraft.

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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