Twobobs 48007 for NSAWC F-14As

Units: NSAWC




Scott Van Aken

This sheet is, from what I understand, probably the best selling sheet that Two Bobs has done. When I talked with them back at the Chicago IPMS Nationals in 2002, they told me that this sheet had gone through five printings, something quite remarkable in the decal business.

It is basically two planes in a 'Flanker' scheme, one of darker colors and the other in a lighter shade. Both are really quite eye-catching and best of all, there are minimal markings for the planes. When these special paint schemes are applied, most of the myriad of maintenance markings and sometimes the serials and insignia markings are not used. To make up for lost space, a nice Tomcat decal is provided to put with your model

With the lower scheme, some rather tricky masking will be needed for the wings, but nothing beyond the abilities of an intermediate modeler. The kit of choice will undoubtedly be the Hasegawa Tomcat, but for those on a budget, the Monogram and Academy kits can be used as well.

Overall, a very nice sheet that will really add something different to your F-14 collection

June 2005

Review sheet courtesy of me

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