CAM 72-046: F-14B Tomcat

Units: VF 102 and VF-103




Scott Van Aken

This 2002 decal sheet covers the F-14B 'bombcat' as used during Operation Enduring Freedom. There are several F-14B kits in 1/72 scale, the most accurate of which is the Hasegawa kit, though these decals should fit the others with little trouble. To my knowledge, only a few of the Hasegawa kit boxings will included the needed bomb racks so choose carefully when you pick up a kit for this sheet.

The first aircraft is from VF-102 'Diamondbacks' aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt during the 2001 operations. This aircraft is painted in overall light ghost grey (FS 36375), which makes for a very easy paint job.

The second plane on the sheet is from VF-143 'Pukin Dogs' from the USS John F. Kennedy, also during 2001. It is in the standard Tactical Paint Scheme of FS 36320, FS 36375, FS36495.

The sheet contains insignia and the more common data markings for both aircraft as well as some bomb artwork. The data stencils are numbered and the instructions are quite detailed in regards to showing where those data markings are to be applied. The decals themselves are by Microscale so you know that the quality is there.

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