Superscale 48-1071: F-14D Tomcat

Units: VF-31




Scott Van Aken

Though nearly gone from the inventory, the Tomcat is still an aircraft that evokes a lot of emotion from many of us. The truth is that it is incredibly expensive to maintain and that was the main reason why the F-14D program was cut short after only a few airframes. Instead, the money was spent on the even more expensive, but allegedly cheaper to maintain F-18 program. In an era when all aircraft need to be multi-role, and the threat of the Soviet Union is gone, so go the last of the Navy's Cold War warriors.

This particular aircraft is the CAG bird from the invasion of Iraq and though painted in the standard three color tactical paint scheme for the Tomcat, had faded to nearly a single shade. It has a number of mission markings on it and probably carried bomb racks as well, though I'm not totally positive in that regard. The sheet will fit both the Revell and Hasegawa kits and provides all the markings needed to do a fine job on this one.  I should also  point out that if one wants to paint the ventral strakes, separate decals are provided in this instance.

February 2006

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