Sheet #

 Superscale 48-655 for F-14A Tomcat




 VF-1, VF-41, VF-101

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


VF-1 aircraft is only F-14 to get an A-A kill in Desert Storm



One can never really have enough Tomcat sheets. This particular one includes the only Tomcat to score an Air-to-Air victory during Desert Storm; and that was an Mi-8 helicopter. Typically, the Air Force hogged all the Mig kill opportunities so the Navy had to get what was available. The F-18s that shot down Migs basically had to disobey orders to get their kills!!

Anyway, that aircraft as well as the VF-101 example is in overall FS 16440 gloss gull grey. The VF-41 Tomcat is in the Tactical Paint Scheme (TPS), and includes the 'StrikeCat' logo for those 'Bombcats' that are capable of performing the air-to-ground mission. There are sufficient insignia and stencils to do two aircraft. The VF-1 and VF-41 aircraft have full color markings, while the VF-101 aircraft has the black markings. There is only one 'NAVY' marking for the rear fuselage provided, so in reality, using only these markings, only one aircraft can be done.