Superscale 48-822: F-14D Tomcat

Units: VF-31




Scott Van Aken

This sheet is for the F-14D Tomcat. For kits, I fear that there is not really much choice. Revell does one that is based on their F-14A and so I think that the aft area by the engines may not be totally correct. Here is a link to an old review so you can judge for yourself. The other is a Hasegawa boxing. This one is also not exactly the easiest kit to build. As for problems, I don't have this kit so cannot tell you of any specifics. Not sure if Italeri has tried this in 1/48, but if it is as big a disaster as their 'F-14B', I'd look elsewhere.

If you have bitten the bullet on a Hasegawa kit already, then this sheet has been designed for that plane and should fit the Revell one without any real problems. The instructions show the tactical paint scheme of FS 36320, 36237, and 36375, however, when this scheme weathers, it turns into something resembling an overall FS 36320. So you have your choice as it were for painting. Now it has been a decade since I last saw a Tomcat close up, but I'm thinking that the leading edge of the fins and wings would be a bare metal color. Any of you readers currently on active duty could perhaps fill in this blank. One other nice touch is that the ventral fin can either be painted or one can use the decal provided.

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