Superscale 48-1044: F-14A/D Tomcat

Units: VF-31 & VF-41




Scott Van Aken

Always nice to see Tomcat sheets. Though I'm sure these will become fewer and fewer as the years progress, the type is still hanging on and this sheet provides markings for two of them from the past. These markings are sized for the Hasegawa kit, though I'm sure that they would fit without too much trouble on the Monogram/Revell or even the Italeri version.

First up is the squadron commander's plane from VF-41 with the name 'Strikecat' on the nose. This aircraft is in overall FS 36320 with the area around the canopy in FS 36118.

The other is a CAG bird from VF-31. This F-14D is in the simplified Tactical Paint Scheme of FS 35237 upper and FS 36320 undersides. Tail and ventral fin as well as the area around the canopy are in black.

Two nice schemes for the F-14 fan with insignia for both and data markings for one.

October  2005

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