Superscale 32-220: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VX-4




Scott Van Aken

Everyone knows about VX-4's Black Bunny aircraft, but that was only the show bird. The unit had several other planes that were more normally marked, and this sheet covers one of those. Painted in the very easy to do overall Light Gull Grey, #34 was one of the early 'semi-low viz' aircraft that were in the Navy inventory. By this I mean that the insignia and general markings were in black, though VX-4 did apply their full color fin band.

Since it is 1/32 you have a choice of two kits. One by Revell which is the less expensive of the two and probably the easier to build, and the other by Tamiya, which will be more detailed, but require more of your building skills to successfully complete.

Either one and these decals will leave you with a very nice Tomcat model.

August 2005

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