Superscale 72-350 for F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-33/101, 102, 111




Scott Van Aken


Any of you not like F-14s?  You may now leave the room. The Tomcat is probably my second favourite semi-modern jet after the F-4 Phantom. Sadly, it is not long for this world as units are already transitioning to the F-18F. Actually, VF-14 is now VFA-14 as it is currently learning the F-18E. It will be the only ex-Tomcat unit to transition to the single seat 'super' Hornet.

Tomcat crews are less than thrilled about going to an aircraft that is generally less capable that what they have been flying. The Hornet is slower, has less range, is a less capable dogfighter, and is unable to carry the Phoenix missile. However, its electronics are newer so that should assuage some of the negativity generally felt by the F-14 community against the F-18.

This sheet harkens back to the hey-day of the Tomcat in the early 1980s. All three of these aircraft are in the easy-to-paint overall gloss light gull grey scheme, and though some of the markings are not ultra-colorful, they still are not that bad.

First is a VF-33/VF-101 scheme. The aircraft was on loan to VF-33 so they could display their 'new' markings. This may well have been the first time that the black tails were used on the F-14. Please note that there is a thin yellow stripe that separates the black anti-glare panel. This isn't given or mentioned in the instructions.

Next is a VF-102 aircraft. Though all the insignia and general markings are in low viz grey, the unit markings are in red. VF-102 was never a very colorful F-14 squadron.

Finally, probably the most modeled West Coast F-14 squadron, VF-111. Sadly, the Sundowners are not longer with us having been disestablished in the first round of Tomcat squadron reductions after the Gulf War. Still, even with low viz paint, it is a striking scheme.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

Review sheet courtesy of my ever growing decal collection

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