Superscale 72-489: F-14A Tomcat

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Scott Van Aken


As with the Fabulous Phantom, one just can't seem to have enough F-14 sheets. This one was also released in 1/48, but minus the VF-21 plane. These markings are from the early/mid-10980s when the overall FS 16440 Light Gull Grey schemes were the norm. For many of us, these are the best schemes as they are really easy to paint! Not only that, but they were fairly bright and still carried some colorful schemes.

For kits, one has a lot of choices, though I'm sure that Italeri (with its oddly shaped radome) and Hasegawa will be the choice of most. All of these are F-14As. The sheet provides full insignia for all and stencils for two of the aircraft. The black outlines for the VF-21 and VF-154 planes are also included, which is a nice touch.

First up is a VF-21 bird from 1983 when it was aboard the USS Constellation. This unit no longer flies the F-14, though I'm not sure if it has converted to the F-18F or not.

Next up is one of two VF-33 schemes. Both have the small grey insignia, the difference being in how the tail markings are shown. Oddly, the CAG bird is the least colorful of the two! VF-33 was disestablished after Desert Storm in 1991.

Finally, VF-154, which also no longer flies the Tomcat and may well be disestablished. This one has the colorful black and red tail stripes and full color insignia.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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