Superscale 72-885: F-14A/D Tomcat

Units: VF-31 & VF-41




Scott Van Aken

Here is another fine 'scale down' sheet for the F-14A/D Tomcat. This one duplicates the markings on sheet  1044, hence the use of that image in this article. It is also necessitated by a glitch in packaging that put an F-16 sheet's instructions in with the sheet. By now, all the dealers of this sheet should have received a replacement so if you have one of those sheets, return to where you bought yours for the correct insert.

First up is the squadron commander's plane from VF-41 with the name 'Strikecat' on the nose. This aircraft is in overall FS 36320 with the area around the canopy in FS 36118.

The other is a CAG bird from VF-31. This F-14D is in the simplified Tactical Paint Scheme of FS 35237 upper and FS 36320 undersides. Tail and ventral fin as well as the area around the canopy are in black.

Two nice schemes for the F-14 fan with insignia and data markings for both. The sheet also includes intake walk areas.

February 2006

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