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Aeromaster 48-522 for F-14 Tomcat




VF-84 / 111

Review By:

Chris Ishmael



Here is a shot of a similar VF-111 CAG scheme when aboard the USS Kitty Hawk circa 1991

I will argue the point with anyone that these two squadrons had the most popular markings ever applied to an F-14, even over VX-4 & 9‘s Black Bunny.

The instruction sheet is in full color, which is normal for this company. Both aircraft are in the overall gloss gull gray scheme. The sheet comes with every thing you need to do both aircraft, with the standard (it seems) lack of maintenance stenciling. No formation lights are provided either.

The universally recognized Jolly Rogers are up first. The modeler will have to paint the vertical tails, ventral fins, canopy & windshield frames black. The black canopy hood is provided as a 2 piece decal (front & back), with another decal for the canopy sill. Moving to the tail, the tips of the vertical tail need to be painted yellow, but there is a decal for the yellow trim on the ventral fins. The instructions indicate that the ventral fins were painted black on both sides, but check your reference photos. In the photo’s I’ve seen, the inside of the fins were the same color as the bottom surfaces of the aircraft. White decals do not show up well, but they are there. The skull & crossbones are located over the AJ tail code. Aeromaster provided a white underlay for the tail codes, but not for any of the other decals for the tail. The crew names for the canopy rails are in white, & 4 decals for each name is provided to ensure adequate opacity, although they are bogus names.

Next up is my personal all-time favorite squadron markings for VF-111 "Sundowners", with the full sunburst & aggressive style sharks mouth. Notice that the national insignia is small & in gray. In this instance, the tail must be painted white, & the red areas are all decals, although it might be better to paint the fin tips red. The sunburst has each ray outlined in a different color. In the photo’s I’ve seen , the "speed bump" at the base of the tail is only red on the outside, so the decal is correct in this instance. The decal for the ventral fin looks to be the right size for the Hasegawa kit.

The skull & crossbones markings live on , carried by VF-103 F-14B’s. VF-111 was to become the first F-14D unit, but plans were cut short by budgetary constraints, & the unit was decommissioned.

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