Superscale 72-872: F-14B/D Tomcats

Units: VF-2 & VF-103


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

This really great sheet is for the F-14B/D Tomcat. The suggested kit is by Hasegawa as that is what the markings have been scaled for. However, I'm sure that you could get these to fit others by Revell, Fujimi or Italeri if you really wanted to.

First up is a VF-2 F-14D whose Tactical Paint Scheme (TPS) has been faded to an overall 36230. This is the CAG bird and has a number of mission markings behind the 'Langley Stripe' on the nose from the Iraq Invasion of 2003.

The second is the ever popular Jolly Roger of VF-103's F-14B. This one is also in the TPS, but you can see the three colors of FS 36237, 36320, 36375. Fin and canopy area are black. It also has a few mission markings as well.

A full insignia and stencil suite as well as intake walk areas are provided for both planes.

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October 2005

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