SHEET: Superscale  Desert Storm F-14 Tomcats
SHEET #: 48-413
Daniel Gonçalves
NOTES: Long out of production.

I am a Tomcat fan and I have many sheets of  F-14. This sheet shows two versions of cats that flew the Operation Desert Storm.

The first is to VF-154 Black Knights of CVW-14 on the USS Independence. The Independence was the first aircraft-carrier on station in the Gulf area at the outbreak of  “Desert Shield”. CVW-14 was responsible for the development of CVW tactics that set the stage for the success of “Desert Storm”. Paint scheme is overall FS 16440 with semi-gloss black tail fins and full color stencil data.

The second is to VF-74 Bedevillers that flew the F-14 A TARPS of CVW-17 on the USS Saratoga. Paint scheme is overall FS 36375 including tail fins and gray stencil data.

(Though Daniel did not mention kits, a sheet of this age would have been developed for the Monogram kit, but should also fit the Hasegawa offering. Ed)

Daniel Gonçalves

February 2009

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