Eagle Strike  48-142: Tomcats pt VII

Units VF-1 and VF-213




Scott Van Aken


This Tomcat sheet covers both ends of the fleet Tomcat squadron numbering spectrum. Again, the recommended kit is by Hasegawa, and again, you can use the Academy kit for the A and the Monogram/Revell kits for the A/D respectively.

The VF-213 aircraft is an F-14D from the USS Carl Vinson in 2000. It is painted in the Tactical Paint Scheme that so many really like to grunge up!

The other is from the now disestablished VF-1 in 1980 aboard the USS Ranger. It is in a spotless overall gloss light gull grey (FS 16440) scheme with low-viz unit markings, but full color insignia and data markings. The markings are in FS 36118 so this will be needed for the anti-glare panel and fin tips  if you want to paint them instead of using the supplied decals.

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