Starfighter Decals 350-100S: VF-84 Jolly Rogers, 1980


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Scott Van Aken


1/350 scale

This latest  set from Starfighter Decals moves to 1/350 and covers VF-84 F-14s from 1980. The date in this one is important as it pertains to the failed Iranian Hostage rescue attempt. In that operation, the aircraft carriers involved had their planes paint ID markings on the wings in the form of either yellow or orange bands, bordered by black stripes. In the case of VF-84 these were yellow.

This set is designed for the 1/350 Tamiya aircraft that came in one of two sets that were gleaned from those planes offered in their huge 1/350 carrier kit. You get a total of 8 sets of markings, each which includes decals for the wing bands and for the black areas on the aircraft save for the tails, which you'll have to paint. The decals are nicely printed. A close inspection shows the red bars in the insignia are out of register. However, considering the scale and the tiny size of these, it isn't a major issue and few, if any, will actually see it.

It is a great idea for a sheet and this one seems to be the first to cover the Tamiya aircraft sets. Sales of this sheet will surely determine if others will be produced.

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July 2014

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