Superscale 48-1175: F-14 Tomcats

Units: NWTS and VF-201




Scott Van Aken

Here are a couple of interesting Tomcat options. Both are in the standard three color Tactical Paint Scheme. The recommended kits are by Hasegawa, but you could easily use any applicable F-14A or F-14D kit in this scale.

First up is the NF-14D of the Naval Weapons Test Squadron - Point Mugu in a short-lived scheme from 1996 (despite what the sheet says). The tail markings were put over fresh paint, but the rest of the aircraft is rather ratty.

The other is the CAG bird from VF-201. The tails, ventral strakes and canopy surround are all painted in black. Unusual for a USN Reserve bird, it has the name USS John F Kennedy on the wing glove, obviously the result of carrier quals as these guys never did full deployments.

Looks like there are enough data markings and insignia to do both options on this one.

April 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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