Superscale 48-1039: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-84, VF-101




Scott Van Aken

Digging back into the 'old markings' files are these two F-14A Tomcats. Sized for the Hasegawa kit, these should work just as well on the Monogram or other 1/48 scale A model Tomcat. Both aircraft are in the easy to paint overall Light Gull Grey scheme that was prevalent before the hated TPS came into being.

The VF-84 aircraft is in full toned down markings, despite being the CAG bird.

The other is from the East Coat RAG (Replacement Air Group), VF-101, a unit that will be disestablishing in a few months as the Tomcat is nearly gone from the fleet. It does carry full color insignia and a nice touch is a nose anti-glare panel decal that can be used on the VF-84 bird if one wants.

October  2005

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