Yellowhammer 48-032: Farewell Tomcats pt 2




VF-31 and VF-101


Scott Van Aken

This second Tomcat sheet from Yellowhammer is for two more farewell schemes from the Tomcat community. While no specific kit is recommended, you have two good choices in the Hasegawa and Revell F-14D kits. In concert with the previous sheet, this one includes color photos of the aircraft on the sheet as an additional reference.

The first aircraft is from VF-31 'Tomcatters' during its final flight on 10 March, 2006. It is in the standard tactical paint scheme with black fins, ventral strakes, and canopy surround, all of which will need to be painted by the modeler.

The other is from VF-101 during disestablishment ceremonies in September of 2005. This particular aircraft was in a retro scheme of light gull grey over white. Unlike the original scheme, the upper surface of control surfaces was in the gull grey, though the rudders were in white.

The sheet includes stencils and insignia enough to be able to built both aircraft. A small addendum decal is also included. (see below) If you need one, contact Yellowhammer at the link below.

July 2006

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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