Detail and Scale 0132: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-41


1982 sheet. Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

As most of you know, it is difficult for specialty companies to stay in business. This is particularly true of decal companies as it seems for every one that starts up, at least one decides to call it quits. There are a number of reasons, varying from not enough time to do it properly to not being good with the business end of things and everything in between.

Detail and Scale is well known in the book market and for a while, they produced a decent range of decals for the enthusiast. These were always accompanies with excellent placement guides and photos of the aircraft on the sheet.

This one is on the F-14A and specifically the two that shot down Libyan SU-22s during the Gulf of Sidra incident. The sheet provides full markings and a goodly number of stencils for both planes in several guises. Basically before and after stuff. Both planes were in the easy to paint overall Gloss Light Gull Grey scheme.

The recommended kit for this is by either Revell or Tamiya and the sheet has enough markings for both planes. Unlike many old D&S sheets, the red has not bled into the clear carrier so with a bit of decal film restorer (I'd use it on 25 year old sheets), this one may well be able to be brought back to life.

June 2007

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