Starfighter Decals 144-202: Tomcats in Color Part 1


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Scott Van Aken


For the Revell kit.

Starfighter Decals has released a new sheet for the Revell AG F-14A kit. This sheet contains markings for three Tomcats before the fleet went over to TPS paint and lost all its color. 

The first one is a set of markings Starfighter has done before on its ALPS printed sheets. This is for VF-1 on the Tomcat's first cruise aboard the USS Enterprise in 1974. It is in the then standard scheme of gloss light gull grey and white. The markings for this option include the nose anti-glare panel.

Next is one of the 'black nose' Tomcats of VF-41. This is from their 1978 cruise on the USS Nimitz. The scheme on this one is also gloss light gull grey over white. With these markings the fin is also white on both sides. This option provides the black surround to the canopy though you'll have to paint the canopy frame itself.

The third option shows the next step in Tomcat camouflage, overall gloss light gull grey. In this case it is VF-142 from its 1982 cruise aboard the Dwight Eisenhower. The black nose anti-glare mark is on the decals.

Starfighter has picked a different printer for these waterslide decals. In this case it is Canuck Model Products. They have done a great job on these as I saw no registration errors and the clear carrier is very tight on the markings. There are common markings for all three aircraft though you will still need some of the stencils from the kit decals to complete each option. These are for the Revell AG kit and while they may fit the Dragon or LS kit, there is no guarantee.

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November 2014

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