Detail & Scale 0348: F-14 Tomcat - Su-22 Killers

Units: VF-41


$3.50 when new about 35 years ago


Scott Van Aken

Several decades back, Detail & Scale produced a series of decal sheets. Frankly, these were not bad at all and covered some interesting subjects. Why the series failed is beyond me, but they did. Perhaps people didn't like the landscape format or something. Anyway, any extant sheets (like this one) are at least 30 years old and need to be treated as you would old decals and use them with the knowledge that they may need some help (as in decal film). I used their 1/72 offering of this sheet way back when and was pleased with the performance of the markings.

The sheet is well researched and offers before and after engagement options for the two aircraft involved. The sheet is fairly complete though some items (like the slime lights) will have to come from the kit or other source. Speaking of kits, this is designed for the Monogram kit, but in reality, if you have the proper A model F-14 in 1/48 scale, there is nothing here that is really specific to any kit.

So is it worth locating? Big question, but it depends on how much you want the sheet. Certainly these markings have been done in the past, but probably don't come with the research that has been done as on this sheet. The instructions contain a lot of drawings and photos of the planes in question and are certainly useful in and of themselves.

June 2019

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