Aeromaster 48-438; F-14A Tomcats

Units: VF-41 & VF-84


Long OOP


Chris Baltrinic

I recently acquired this OOP sheet on Ebay for $5.00

 Markings for two F-14A’s are provided.

A/C #1 is a  VF-41 bird in overall gloss gull grey. The nose is unusually adorned by a nude pin-up style girl, the “queen of spades.”  A/C has full color insignia and data. Squadron tail markings are dark grey with red diagonal stripe through the “spade.”

 A/C #2 is  a totally low-vis VF-84 bird. This aircraft is also unusual in that it has nose art on the starboard radome, another pin up girl, with the words “cat snatch fever” painted underneath. This A/C is said to be overall weathered  FS 36375.

 The decals are beautifully printed, and if you are a F-14 nut, this is a must have sheet IMO.

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