Superscale 48-897: F-14A Tomcats

Units: VF-32 and VF-154




Scott Van Aken

This may well be a repeat sheet. Though I don't recall it being previously available in 1/48, I do know that they were done in 1/32. What makes these both very nice is that they are in the easy to paint overall Light Gull Grey ( FS-16440) paint scheme. You'll have to paint the black bits, but that should be really easy. Kits for this sheet are available from Hasegawa, Monogram and Academy (perhaps even Italeri?). None of them are easy builds so take your pick!

First up is the VF-154 CAG bird from the USS Independence that was operating during Desert Shield back in 1990.

Next is the VF-32 CAG bird from the USS JFK during Desert Storm. The two kill markings on the nose are the result of knocking down two Libyan Fitters during the 80s.

There are enough common markings and insignia to do one of the two aircraft.

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