Twobobs 48-045 for F-14B Tomcats

Units: VF-74




Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers three VF-74 F-14B Tomcats. These planes are in a disruptive scheme of  FS 36375 and 35237 in a wrap-around scheme. The instructions show not only both side views, but also the upper and lower schemes as well There are sections of black on the ventral strakes and the upper stabilizors that will have to be painted. Apparently they were going for the 'MiG-29' look. Kits of the B model are available from Italeri, Academy and Hasegawa, with most probably going with the Hasegawa version. There are the usual plethora of aftermarket bits also available, many of which are listed on the sheet.

Basically, you have markings for three planes, of which you can actually do two of them with this sheet. One is the Squadron CO's plane with some red color added to it and the other two are standard planes with black markings and red Modex. These will make for some different aircraft from the normal run of Tomcats that one sees.

Review sheet courtesy of ME!!

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