Superscale 48-896: F-14D Tomcat

Units: VF-2 & VF-101




Scott Van Aken

Here are a couple of F-14D Tomcats. Both are in the tactical paint scheme of FS 36237, 36320 and 36375, though the VF-2 bird is heavily weathered and appears to be a solid 36320. There is no suggested kit, but in this scale one has either the Hasegawa or the Revell kit to choose from.

The VF-2 bird is from the USS Constellation during the invasion of Iraq in early 2003, which was their last F-14 cruise. There is a large tally of mission marks on the nose of the aircraft. The unit now transitioning to the F-18F.

The other F-14D is from VF-101 and this one has black on the tail, ventral stabilizer and the canopy area. Like the black canopy area on the VF-2 bird, this will all have to be painted by the builder. Unusually, this one also has a sharkmouth on the radome which looks very much like those applied to VF-111 aircraft.

Both aircraft have full color insignia. There are enough insignia and data markings to do one aircraft.

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