Yellowhammer 48036: Tomcat's sunset #2






Scott Van Aken

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last fleet unit to operate the F-14 Tomcat was VF-31. Originally based in Oceana when they converted to the F-14, in the early 1990s, they moved to Miramar to operate the F-14D and then went back to Oceana when the Navy moved out of Miramar. It was there in September of 2006 that the unit gave up its Tomcats for the Super Bug.

Yellowhammer has provided a sheet to do two of the last aircraft in the unit. Both are F-14Ds and the markings are fitted for either the Revell or Hasegawa kit.

Aircraft 101 is the squadron commander's plane as it was seen on 8 September 2006. it is in a semi-retro scheme with the large red fins and ventral strakes along with the black radome and cockpit surround. The red fin marks are supplied as decals with the rest needing to be painted by the modeler. Standard TPS camouflage.

The other is one flown on 20 September 2006  and has replaced the upper color with FS 16440 Light Gull Grey. The rudders on this one are also in white as are the ventral strakes where the only indication of the unit is marked. The rest of the few markings are more of a farewell scheme than anything with the Grumman logo and years of Tomcat existence (1970-2006) as part of the fin marking.

Common markings for both are supplied though you'll have to use the kit warning stripes for the second option.

Late note: It has been pointed out to me by the current owners of Tomcat 101 that the tail code  letters currently on the aircraft are straight and not italicized.

June 2007

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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