Yellowhammer 48002 F-14D Tomcats




VF-2 / 31 Fleet


Chris Ishmael


'Pacific Fleet'

The F-14D is the definitive model of this modern day classic ship borne fighter. Budget cuts in the defense arena have decimated the F-14 community, allowing only 3 front line D model squadrons.

The instructions are in full color with a large side profile of each of the a/c covered, and a generic overhead view. Both a/c can be done from this sheet, as there are 2 complete sets of national insignia, maint. Stenciling, & formation lights. Also provided are decals for the stabilator attachment pivot point (the gray & red half & full circles), a welcome detail. Both a/c are in the 3-tone tactical scheme.

The first offering is from VF-31 "Tomcatters", the second oldest fighter squadron in the navy, having flown bi-planes in the 1920s. This squadron holds the distinction of being the only one to score aerial victories in WW2, Korea, & Viet Nam. The decals represent normal squadron markings from 1994, consisting of a large Felix figure, air wing code, & carrier name on the tail, as compared to the more familiar CAG markings of the Felix on a yellow disc on a black tail. Four small Felix figures are provided for the drop tanks. There are 4 different names on the canopy rails, with one amusing LT Tim Wood, call sign "Sportn". All other markings are standard for the type.

The second a/c is the XOs mount from VF-2 "Bounty Hunters", the first carrier fighter squadron. The units Langley stripe has moved to the tail in the form of 2 black stripes, with the aircrafts color forming the third stripe. The starry eyed skull makes a reappearance on the tail. The stabilator pivot point on this aircraft is red, which jives with my reference books. The XOs name is under the fwd canopy on both sides, while the rear has 2 different RIOs , one for each side. All other markings are standard.

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