Repliscale 1025 F-14A Tomcats

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Scott Van Aken


This particular sheet has markings for four aircraft. As is typical of many Repliscale sheets, this one is a bit on the small side and only has enough insignia to do one plane.  Though one version is a low-viz scheme, no low-viz insignia are included, a rather odd omission.

Anyway, the first is for the CAG bird from VF-24 when they were flying the A model Tomcat. This plane has red data markings and is overall gloss gull grey, a rather easy paint job!

Next are two VF-142 birds, again, both F-14As. First is the low-viz bird in the TPS scheme of FS 36320, FS 36375 and FS 35327. The fin marking is in gloss gull grey, FS 16440. There are no insignia for this plane so you'll need to get that from another source.

The second 142 bird is the CAG aircraft. Not really that colorful as in the past, but it is in overall gloss gull grey with yellow markings. You have to paint both the yellow markings and the black stripes for this scheme. I find it most unusual that the black boarders were not provided as decals. Another unusual omission is that they don't show where to put the tail codes on the VF-142 planes.  Perhaps a clue as to why Repliscale went out of business.

Finally one of several special birds painted up by VF-124, the west coast F-14 training squadron. This one has the usual black bits on a gloss gull grey airframe. While many think that the tail is black, the instructions would have you paint it FS 15044 dark blue. Not sure I quite agree with that. I'd suggest checking photo references to see if this is true.

There are lots of good F-14 kits from Hasegawa, Italeri and others for these schemes.

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