Yellowhammer 48-026: F-14D Tomcat






Scott Van Aken




This particular sheet covers two VF-31 F-14D Tomcats. Both are painted in the  TPS of FS 35237 and 36320 over 36375. Only two kits of the D model F-14 are around in 1/48 at the time. These are from Revell and Hasegawa. Both will make into very nice models.

First up is the squadron commander's plane. This one has no nose insignia, that being replaced by the squadron badge. Most unusual. The red for the fin stripes is provided as a decal (not shown) though the ventral stabs will need to be painted.

Second is a 'standard' F-14D. Both of these planes partook in 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' from the USS Abraham Lincoln as noted by the mission markings on the nose of the plane. Both were used in bombing missions, much to the chagrin of the crew who are really trained for air to air combat. Unfortunately for them, Iraq had no air defense aircraft to send against them, so they had to satisfy themselves with dropping LGBs. Besides, the USAF would have hogged all the kills as they did in Desert Storm!

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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