Aeromaster 48-327; F-14A Tomcats

Units: VF-1, VF-84, & VX-4


Long OOP


Chris Baltrinic

 One can never have too many F-14 decal sheets, no?

 I recently acquired this OOP sheet on Ebay for $5.00

 Markings for three F-14A’s are provided.

A/C #1 is a  VF-1 “woflpack” bird in overall gloss gull grey. Squadron markings and A/C side number are black. National insignia are black, but data is full color. This appears to be a mid 80’s scheme.

 A/C #2 is a VF-84 bird, again overall gloss gull grey. As with the VF-1 bird, squadron markings are black and national insignia are black. It is unclear if A/C data is hi or low vis.

 A/C #3 is described as overall gloss gull grey, with low-vis aircraft data and squadron markings.

 Overall gloss grey F-14’s have always appealed to me. They are so simple, no weathering required,  not even anti-glare panels on these ships. If you like gull grey cats, keep an eye out for this sheet on Ebay.

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