Fightertown Decals 48-001: VF-24 Last Rage part 1

Units: VF-24


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Scott Van Aken

For their first sheet, Fightertown Decals has chosen to do F-14A Tomcats from VF-24. There is no kit specified, but I'm sure most will choose the Hasegawa version, though there is no reason why these won't fit the Monogram kit. These are block 100 F-14s and have had a few upgrades but nothing that can't be duplicated by the modeler. The aircraft are all in the Tactical Paint Scheme, and while the color markings guide shows the various shades in a chart, it would be nice for those who have trouble differentiating between shades of grey to have these specifically pointed out on at least one of the profiles.

You get the squadron CO's plane with two slightly different markings options. Basically a few decal changes and these are all spelled out in the well documented instruction sheet. This aircraft has a 'semi-retro' look with the white rudder and ventral strake. The other is a standard line bird. There are small photos to help out and Fightertown Decals has added some things that are not the norm.

For instance, you get helmet markings and shoulder patches for the crew. You also get  landing gear data plates and markings for the launch bar.

The sheet is very nicely printed by Microscale and provides all the bits you'll need to do both aircraft. Really, an excellent sheet and one that you really should pick up for your next Tomcat project.

June 2007

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